Some of the highlights in our kennel

June 2011

Hilli du regard mordant met her potential mate, Baikal de la Grange Colombe (owner Florence Leonard-Nolle, Elevage des Vaux rouges,) in the National d’Elevage in France, in June 2011. Both dogs got on well together, so the future looks promising! at the moment...

November 2011

I took Hilli to the Belgian National Obedience trial in November in Aarschot. This being her first time, we started at “brevet” ,the test one has to pass before moving on to the next level. I was delighted that Hilli achieved 85 points out 100 – what...

December 2011

Hilli participated in Brussels Expo 2011 and did extremely well being 1st Excellent in the Open Class and received R.C.A.C. Thank you so much Ludo, who presented Hilli in the ring!

March 2012

in March -April Hilli was training to heard sheep during three weekends. Great fun! For my dog and for me !!

April 2012

Vet has confirmed by ultrasound that Hilli is in pup! He  could see at least five puppies. Whelping is estimated to take place on 26th May if everything goes well.

May 2012

Hilli was already on evening 26th May ready and waiting puppies come out -she wants to keep her schedule… Finally pups were born on 27th May. For more information on the puppy’s,

Juni 2012

June went by fast. Hilli had plenty of milk and the pups developed well.. For the pups there are so many new and wonderful things to explore and learn every day…. for more pictures, Click...

April 2013

In April 2013 finally, after a long ,long winter, Hilli got a possibility to practise  herding. At first she was really exciteed , but when sometime passed, she calmed down and could work with high concentration. I was really proud of her! We had such a pleasent day!...

April 2013

April 2013 In April Hilli participated in Brabo Dog Show in Antwerpen. She did well and got a CAC and RCACIB. RESULTS 2013 1ere Exc -Classe Ouvert L.V.K Limburg Show 29/06/2013 Genk Judge: Mevr. De Rycke Berlinda (BE) 1ere Exc - R.C.A.C -Classe Ouvert K.V.N Show der...

May 2013

May 2013 Going to Nationale d’elevage 25 & 26 mai to GIEN. Looking forward seeing you there 🙂 !! 19/05 Hilli in Expo Wieze: Open calss 1 Exc and RCAC. Jugde De Gids...

June 2013

June 2013 Lara du Feu du Bonheur, 13 months, participated in Rovaniemi Exposition. She received CAC and BOB. Thank you Lili and...