Beauceron on luonteeltaan vahva ja itsevarma, rauhallinen koira eikä koskaan pelokas tai arka. Vartiointi ja paimennustaipumukset tekevät beussista hyvän vahtikoiran ja seuralaisen aktiiviselle perheelle. Beussi ajattelee itsenäisesti ja kykenee ongelmanratkaisuihin itsenäisesti ja on alkujaan jalostettu maatilan töihin, lampaiden ja muun karjan paimentamiseen.


The Beauceron is not an apartment dog, nor is the breed well-suited for a family who just wants an easy-going companion. They do make excellent family companions, and even act as “nannies” for children playing outdoors, keeping a watchful eye, they are not a standard family dog. Beaucerons were originally bred to assist farmers with herding and guarding flocks, and to this day they are their happiest when active. Strolling around a neighborhood won’t satisfy this breed’s daily activity requirement. They are, however; perfect for a true “outdoorsperson” who likes to walk, hike, bike and swim. Country and farm settings with lots of room to run and flocks of animals to tend to are the best environment for this breed.


Beaucerons are a challenge to train and are not for the timid trainer or first-time dog owner. Highly intelligent, with a yang for independent thinking, this breed will take a yard if given an inch. A consistent, confident air is needed when training a Beauceron, in order to establish who is in charge. Beaucerons assume they are in charge, until proven wrong.

Once a chain of command is established Beaucerons will excel in basic obedience, and should be “graduated” into advanced training in either tricks, tracking or agility. Just as this breed needs lots of physical activity, they also need mental stimulation in order to stave off boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviors.


P- pentue on syntynyt 7.4.2016 yhdistelmästä Hilli du Regard Mordant ja Matt des Feux de la China. The pedigree of offspring.

Pennut ovat luovutusikäisiä vähintään 8 viikon iästä lähtien, siis  8.6.  jälkeen. Pennut ovat madotettu, rokotettu, DNA testattu ja mikrosirutettu ja rekisteröity Belgiaan LOSH (Livre des Origines Saint Hubert). Lisätietoja  sähköpostitse: e-mail tai puhelimitse joko numerosta (+32) 0471- 383 696 tai numerosta (+358) 050 376 77 22.




  • Owner: Aliisa Piskonen
  • Breeder: Janssens-Bowell Willy &Cathy,Belgium
  • Inbreeding% : 3,75% (5.generation)
  • Colours : black & tan
  • Chip: 967000009009413
  • : LOSH 1045380
  • Cotation : excellent
  • cotation 3 D.N.A : Progenus no110449
  • Dysplacia : B1



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Hi, My name is Aliisa Piskonen, and I fell in love with the Beauceron’s faithful devotion to its owner, as well its peaceful nature.

As I am a private individual, with only one Beauceron who is very much a treasured family member, my intention is to produce only a few litters of puppies of good character and gentle nature. The idea is to allow a limited number of lucky people to share the same “feu du bonheur” or enjoyment and happiness that we have received from Hilli.

I received FCI kennel name in 2011 and I have passed Les cours d’initiation á l’élevage des chiens LOSH in 2012 by  Belgium Kennel club Sociéte Royale Saint-Hubert. I agree to code of ethics and carry out breeding responsibly and a sustainable way.

Chaussee Romaine 758 B 1780 Wemmel,Belgium

(+32)0471- 383 696

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